How to do better in exams is a booklet, produced by Barclays.
    It contains : important points about revision and exams, planning revision, revision techinques, taking exams, and much more. It is a usefully booklet and it's free.
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      Dealing with exams

    1. Always remeber you are not the only one taking the exam.
    2. Everyone is as worried as you are or even worst, but as humans some of us cover the fear.
    3. Study what is required , eg with syllabus or ask the teacher in charge what is required.
    4. Always make time for a break inbetween your studies.
    5. During the exams try beening calm as much as possible, forget about how intelligent the others are and concentrate on what you know.
    6. Read the paper properily; at each question write what the examiner wants and not what you think he wants.
    7. After the exam, avoid discussing about the exam, instead concentrate on the following one.
    8. After all the exams always learn how to switch off, by joining other activities outside your studies.
    This balance would help you focus on the following term or semester.
    9. When you get the results, don't allow excellient results get to your head or failure to your heart.
    For futher help on how to deal with exams, go to IYC

    Examining bodies

    Scottish virtual teaching has a great database of educational bodies.

  • AEB
      -- Association examining board
    -- Examination databases and downloadable syllabus

  • NEAB
      -- Northern examination and assessment board
      -- all syallbus, summaries, other related materials.

  • CCEA
      -- Northern Ireland council for the curriculum, examinations and assessment
      -- GCSE , non-GSCE examinations and assessment, 16+ qualification including GCE
      11 - 14 curriculum and assessment, 11 - 14 curriculum and assessment e.t.c

  • Edexcel
      --A'levels, GCSE , GNVQ, and news relating to the educational body

  • City and Guild
      -- Assessment and qualifications alliance, NVQ and GNVQ

  • Sqa
      -- Scottish qualification authority
      -- Qualifications database, accrediation, assessment, certificate of qualification other than degree.

  • OCR
      -- offers diplomas in sectors such
      -- as administration and secretarial work.

  • WJEC
      -- welsh joint education committe
      -- examination syllabuses, marking services, training materials, vocational shemes, and chat with subject officers.

  • MEG
      --Midland examining group , gsce and certificate of achievement

    Learning resources

  • Send us emails of useful resources,
    to help upgrade this database. We promise to publish every single one.

  • Doc Brown's Chemistry Clinic
      This is a very impressive, and comprehensive site.
      It would be very useful for students studing either A'level AS level or GCSE Chemistry.

  • Regard
      This site allows you to search nearly 20 years of UK social science
      research projects funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.
      There's an abstract for most of the projects, and details of any books,
      articles, etc that were published from the research. It's free, easy
      to use and comprehensive.(Reviewed by Neil)

  • Continental
      -- Is a GSCE revision page. It has a reasonable content covering:
      -- IT and physics. This site is maintained by a teacher.
      -- The editor being a teacher; it is worth gaining from his experiences.
      -- Recommended by SNB for IT and Physics.

  • Zetoc
      -- Is a database of over 15 million articles titles derived from the 20,000 most important research journals in the world.
      -- Covers every area of academic study from the pure science, technology, medicine and engineering through to law, business, finance and the arts and humanities.
      -- Highly recommended.

  • G_knott
      -- Very good site for electronics and digital students.

  • Homework Resources
      -- Collection of notes and home works for
      -- GCSE and A'levels
      -- This site is really good and designed for UK students.
      -- You could submit homeworks and also ask questions
      -- about any subject area.
      -- Recommended by SNB

    SAM learning

      -- Exam revision for A'level, GCSE's and SATS.
      -- You can even examine yourself online
      -- Study skills, Exam papers and more
      -- Good site, especially for A'level and GCSE students
      -- Some of the subject areas, haven't been completed.

      -- provides trusted source of selected, high quality internet information for researchers and practitioners in social sciences, business and law.
      -- Very impressive site.
      -- Recommended by SNB.

    • BBC bitesize
        The GCSE bitesize student guide contains full details of
        -- the programs and transmission details, plus some helpful revision hits .
        -- For free copy , Call BBC Education information on 08700 100 222.
        -- (calls charged at national rates) 24hr service.

    • Rutger Accounting -- online learning resource for accounts.

    • CILT --- center for information and lanugage teaching

    • ADAM --online resource for art, design, architecture and media information .

    • Chemistry online -- online learning resource for chemistry students.

    • Wellcome Trust has infor mation about science related online libraries.

    • BBC learning zone -- BBC online educational resources. GCSE, secondary, lanuage and other educational services.

    • Biology --online interactive resource for learning biology

    • Charta is an online Roman numeral converter.

    • link2go is a wicked site. It has almost every thing you want to know. Highly recommened by SNB.

    • NASA education online

    • Physics web --online learning resource for physics students

    • Chemistry World -- This site provides tutorials and online learning resource for A'level chemistry students.

    • Twisted pair -- electronics related weblinks

    • IOP-- the website for physics and physicists from the institute of physics

    • Cult sock -- is an online learning resource for communication and media students. If you are preparing for a exam, you can also take an online test

    • Foldoc -- Online computing dictionary

    • Sociosite -- online learning resource for sociology students.

    • Further education resource for learning -- internet based information service for lectures and students in further education.

    • Amino acid-- All you want to know about amino acid

    • Study works-- cool science and maths online learning resource

    • NASA-- general science online resource, provided by NASA

    • ART -- the history of art virtual library

    • Biology labs online

    • NASA link-- NASA thesaurus

    • Dietitian -- dietitian online

      BUBL is a national information service for the higher education community. The site contains selected internet resources covering all academic subject area.

    • GLA-- Online dictionary of cell and molecular biology

    • Bized -- online resource for economics students

    • Web element -- Online chemical periodic table

    • Cornish production -- online learning resource for architecture students

    • Webopaedia -- online dictionary for computer and internet technology

    • Law indiana -- virtual law library

    • NISS -- law links

    • PC guide -- This site contains all you need to know about computers (repairs, building your own, and much more)
      Very good site.

    • Hgreenbe is an online learning resource for mathematics and student programmers.

    • Science learning network-- online science learning resource, provided by the National Science foundation.

    • Why not use other academic libraries through UK librariesplus

    • Law and Accounting refrence Library

    • If you are an art student, click on ARTLEX for your virtual online dictionary.

    • How stuffworks is a generally online learning resource site. You will really like it.

    • Charvey is an online financial learning resource. Good for accountants, finance and banking students.

    • Legal -- online learning resource for Law students.

    • kodak online-- Is an online learning resource for photograhy students.

    • Eduweb is a general online educational resource center for teachers and students.

    • Are you a student nurse? If yes , you would like Coops house

    • A place for anyone doing research to find the information they need as easily as possible-- Study web

    • Twysted-- online learning resource for Engineering students.

    • Swarthmore is a very good online mathematics learning resource. Whether you are doing computing, a programmer, GCSE, economics, or any subject that has to do with maths, you would like this site.

    • Prof engineering is another online learning resource for engineering students.

    • For online virtual encyclopedia, visit-- Encarta

    • Info please is a general online educational site. I hope you like it.